Spectator Guide (for parents)

So,  your child is racing and you want to view.  Here is some useful information to help maximize your experience.

What to bring?

  1. Folding lawn chair(s)
  2. Sunscreen / insect repellant
  3. Rain jacket and umbrella, if weather warrants
  4. Binoculars – in most races, you will not be able to identity the BHS boats without them
  5. Cash for parking (Lowell regattas)


Food Tent –  We could use your volunteering skills at the food tent.  The food committee will send a link to donations and assistance needs (e.g set up, serving, breakdown) in advance of the regattas.  Not only do we need helping hands, but it makes the regatta experience for YOU more enjoyable and adds to the sense of community these events bring to all involved.   We pride ourselves on opening the tent to all rowers and family members, so we need plenty of help.


Viewing and Cheering – 

Expect to see your child rower before and after the races, as the team congregates around the food tent area.  The rowers get ready for their race about 45 minutes before start time (varies) and normally come back an hour after their specific race is over (as they need to dock the boat, de-brief, etc.).  So if you plan on seeing your rower before their race, come well in advance of the set start time.     During the race itself, expect to only catch a 30-90 second glimpse of the rowing as the boats come by and disappear from view quickly.  Hence, the binoculars.  We scream, ring bells in the hopes the rowers can hear us.

Many official races post their results online via the http://here now.com site.     You need to know the race name and the boat your child is racing in (or start time).  You can track in-official results in real-time.  Official results follow later.