FoBR Food Committee

Welcome to the Food Tent

The food tent is the heart of the regatta where athletes and families spend countless hours during the day resting, nourishing and socializing and is an essential component that brings the team community of athletes and families together.

The BHS Crew Food Committee feeds our athletes and their families who spend the long days at the regattas supporting and cheering on the team. Athletes arrive at 6am, rig boats, race throughout the day and often finish their day 10-12 hours later. The food tent is a place for them to rest and regain energy. Volunteers arrive even before the athletes to set up the tents and get breakfast going, and stay after the athletes leave to clean up and repack the trailer.

This often involves feeding 100-300 people, two or more meals, including breakfast, lunch and often a late afternoon meal for when the final athletes come off the water. This substantial effort requires every family to contribute food, drinks and/or time to every regatta.

Each year FOBR collects a fee from each family to help support the food tent. The fee is used to buy and maintain equipment such as tents, grills, camping stoves, tables, containers, food prep supplies, cleaning supplies, paper goods and more. The fee also buys food to supplement the donations. It is not meant to finance all or even a large part of the food needed for the season and we rely heavily on donations from athletes and families. A sign-up sheet will be sent out prior to each regatta so that everyone can signup to volunteer and/or contribute food or drinks.

Come to the food tent to see what it’s all about. Enjoy some delicious treats. Sign up to volunteer and to make and contribute your favorite recipes.

We look forward to seeing you at the regattas watching, cheering, eating, helping and enjoying all the hard work and community that comes from being part of the Food Crew. Even better, join the food committee and help make it all happen!