Andover/Exeter Invitational – April 19, 2014

The Andover/Exeter Invitational is scheduled for Saturday, April 19th.  Boys and girls varsity crews will be competing.  The race will start North of the Donahue Boat House and finish just before the Route 9 bridge.  The BHS food tent will be set up near the boat house which is approximately 500 meters from the start.The race can be watched from either the Donahue Boat house or Regatta Point State Park near the finish line on the other side of the river.  There is parking in at Regatta Point or across the street at the UMass Medical Center for $4.

Race Schedule / Lane

3:40pm – GV1 / Lane 4
3:50pm – BV1 / Lane 4
4:00pm – GV2 / Lane 0
4:10pm – BV2 / Lane 1
4:20pm – GV3 / Lane 6
4:30pm – BV3 / Lane 5
4:40pm – GV4 / Lane 1
4:50pm – BV4 / Lane 5
5:00pm – BV5 / Lane 2

Note: Lane 6 is near side of Donahue Boat House shore.

Course Map


First Salvo Cup Race Schedule – April 5, 2014

The First Salvo Cup race is scheduled for Saturday April 5th.  The race will start up river towards Harvard at the Week Footbridge and finish just past RBC on Magazine Beach.


11:00 – Coaches and coxswains meet on RBC dock
12:15 – G3 Race
12:30 – G2 Race
12:45 – G1 Race
1:30 – Cup Presentation at RBC

 Course MapFirst Salvo Cup Course 2014