Q Cup – Saturday, April 23rd

Q Cup – this Saturday!
Saturday, April 27th in Worcester on Lake Quinsigamond

This Saturday our varsity boats will race again on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester.  Thanks for your patience while we await confirmation of the bus times and race schedule.

Food Tent
Thank you to everyone who has helped and donated so far this race season.  If you haven’t signed up yet to help at the tent, or brought a food donation,  the Q Cup is the perfect opportunity to help.  If you would like to donate food, but you can’t make it to the race, just let me know and we can coordinate a drop off spot for you.  Please use our online sign up to offer your help:


Brookline Rowing Chair Update

We had an amazing response to the chairs and the order is in.  Given the circumstances on Friday, the order was delayed and will not make it in time to dominate the Q cup in our flashy Brookline Rowing chairs.  If you haven’t mailed your check for payment, please send it along to: Julie Bell, 20 Brington Road, Brookline, 02445.

Result Emails and Pictures

I failed to give proper credit for the last result email that I sent out.  The overviews of the races are written by Coach Katy and Lenni.  Thanks so much to them to making this effort following a long day of racing.  Thanks to Cassia Wyner, pictures of the races can be found at: https://plus.google.com/photos/101020617091489739462/albums

Please join us by the lake on Saturday! Look for our red and blue tents at the Donahue Rowing Center on the Shrewsbury side of the lake.

Results: Andover/Exeter Invitational

Brookline rowing competed at their first invitational regatta of the 2013 spring season on Lake Quinsigamond at the St John’s/Shrewbury Invitational.  Competing teams were Andover, Boston Latin, Brookline, Exeter, Northfield Mt Herman, Shrewsbury, Simsbury, and St John’s. After a very long tense week in the city we were relieved to be able to get out and race.

All boys boats raced well, especially considering constraints due to vacation week and travel restrictions.  The boys 3rd varsity 8 had an excellent start and hung with the pack for a while, they raced well and finished in 5th place ahead of Shrewsbury. B2 had a rough start, but sat in second to third position throughout the body of the race, just to be out sprinted at the end. They finished a very close fourth place just behind the powerhouses of Andover, St John’s, and Exeter. The varsity eight rushed through rigging and warm-up to get to their race on time after being delayed by severe traffic on the way to the race course. At the start they shot off the line with the top boats. They took a move in the middle of the race to move away from some of their competitors. They finished in second place behind Exeter and ahead of Andover (2012 NEIRA champions), St Johns, NMH, Simsbury, and Shrewsbury.

Brookline girls 1V bounced back from several challenges this week to capture 2nd place at the St. John’s/Shrewsbury invitational.  After a slow start, the athletes held strong, surging past their opponents through the middle of the race and ending with a strong sprint which secured a time of 5:05.8  Unforeseen circumstances, including a last minute lineup change, forced the 2V to race an unpracticed lineup for their race.  In the face of stiff competition, the girls managed to finish in 6th place with a time of 6:04.4  Both boats are looking forward to a week of hard work and preparation in advance of the Q Cup next weekend.

The coaching staff is incredibly proud of how the athlete handled themselves this week. On behalf of the entire team I’d like to thank our competitors for being so quick to step up and help us out. When it was unclear whether we would be able to race or possibly not have access to our boats many of our competitors loaded extra equipment on to their trailers to allow our athletes to race. Thankfully the situation in Boston was resolved, but it made me proud to be part of the rowing community looking around at our competitors trailers with spare boats brought for our team. We especially would like to thank Andover, Northfield Mt Herman, Simsbury, and St John’s for being so quick to help us out.

First Salvo Cup – Race Results

Despite a restless river and high winds, our athletes had an excellent day on the river.  Here are the highlights from Coach Katy for the Boy’s Varsity and Coach Lenni for Girl’s Varsity races:

Varsity Boys Results:

The varsity boys swept Hingham in our season opening dual race on the Charles today.  Conditions were challenging, especially at the start, causing all crews difficulty in alignment; the headwind was steady at 20mph with gusts of 25mph.  The 4V (Brookline’s first ever fourth varsity race) started the day off right with a 10 second win over Hingham 5:53.  Our 3V walked away at the start and just kept on moving away from Hingham finishing with a decisive 5:48, 45 seconds ahead of Hingham.  The 2V had the most evenly matched race of the day trading seats back and forth over the 1500m course and bested Hingham by just 1″ in 5:05.  Our V8 came from behind with a decisive move to take a length lead on Hingham and win by 8 seconds in 4:54.

Varsity Girls Results:

High winds and a quick current accentuated a strong day of racing between the girls of Brookline, Boston Latin and Hingham high schools.  In the second varsity race, Brookline suffered from a  clashing of oars with BLS that allowed Hingham to take an early lead.   Fortunately the crew was able to recover nicely and managed to power through BLS in the last half of the race to secure a second place finish with a time of 6:37.  The 1V rowed a strong, consistent race, beating BLS by 39 seconds with a time of 6:11.  Hingham, however, showed a bit more speed off the start as well as during the final sprint earning them a first place finish.  Brookline’s sound defeat against BLS in the 2 varsity races once again earned them the First Salvo cup, a best two out of three competition between the two schools.